Apple iPhone 4 Coming To China 25 September

Apple is to sell its popular iPhone 4 smartphone in China from 25 September.

The mobile device will be sold through Apple stores in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as offered by Chinese mobile services provider China Unicom on a two year contract.

This move is the latest attempt made by Apple to tap into the largest mobile market in the world.

Previously Apple had tried to sell its iPhone 3GS, only to be out-done by cheaper 'shanzhai' products and smuggled, unlocked 'grey' market versions.

Apple has also decided to launch the Wi-Fi only version of its iPad tablet computer to the Chinese Mainland through its own Apple Stores and Best Buy stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou.

Also, Apple's hardware suppliers in Asia are reported to have confirmed that the company will be launching the next iPad tablet PC with the video conferencing technology FaceTime by the second quarter of next year, tech news site Digi Times reveals.