Facebook Party Invite Mistake Prompts 21,000 Responses

A teenage girl has inadvertently invited thousands of people to her birthday party after posting her address and phone number on Facebook.

Rebecca Javeleau, a 14 year old from Hertfordshire, mistakenly put her personal information, including phone number and address, on Facebook to invite 15 of her friends to her birthday party on 7 October.

Instead, the party invitation was publicly circulated on the platform, prompting 21,000 people to agree to come for the party, the Daily Mail reports.

Although her mother removed the page which published the invitation, other groups circulated the page with her photograph, attracting RSVP confirmation from 21,000 Facebook users, including fake profiles of teen sensation Justin Bieber, Professor Stephen Hawking, Susan Boyle, Stevie Wonder and Rick Astley.

“We are aware of this. We will have officers on patrol in the area on 7 October to provide a reassuring presence and who will be able to deal with any issues, should they arise,” said Sergeant Lewis Ducket from Hertfordshire Police.

The incidence has once again fuelled privacy concerns among Facebook users and the girl's mother is trying to get in touch with the social network to discuss the issue.

Facebook is yet to comment on the issue.