Gamers Play Halo: Reach For 2,000 Years

Gamers have played Halo: Reach enough to accumulate over 2,000 years worth of game time since its launch on 14 September.

The game's developer, Bungie, has revealed that 31 million Halo: Reach games have been played worldwide in its debut week, amounting to more than 2,300 years of game time, tech news site THINQ reports.

The biggest money maker for Microsoft’s Xbox platform, and the fifth biggest earning gaming title in the entire United Kingdom, Halo: Reach is on a path to break all records and become one of the most successful games in the history of gaming.

According to the statistics released by Bungie in its blog, Halo: Reach has surpassed all its previous version to play 31 million games since its launch, while nearly 78,499,560,895 credits points have been earned.

Bungie also said that the game has beaten Halo 3’s earlier record of 700,000 online gamers playing the game at the same time on launch day.