Google Brings Two-Layer Authentication To Apps

Google has rolled out a two-layer account authentication process for Google Apps enterprise users.

The account authentication process will allow users to protect their accounts using a password and a unique PIN code sent to them by way of an SMS to their mobile device.

The new security tool, which available only to Google Apps Premier, Education and Government Edition users, will allow IT administrators to give users access their accounts using their password, which is something they know, and a unique PIN code, which is something they have.

Dave Girouard, president of Google's Enterprise division, wrote on a blog post: “For the first time, we’re making this technology accessible to organisations large and small without the costs and complexities that have historically limited two-step verification to large enterprises with deep pockets.”

Google also announced that 3 million businesses had "gone Google" and more than 30 million users in businesses, colleges and schools depended on Google for e-mail and messaging services.