Hunting For The Cheapest Sony Move Controller & Accessories

To get the complete experience of Sony's latest gaming solution, Move, you will need to get the controller, the Eye camera and optionally the charging unit.

The cheapest starter pack on the market comes from Amazon which sells it for £39.70, a price that includes delivery. The cheapest Move navigation controller can be purchased for £19.79 at ChoiceUK, a price that also comes with free delivery.

As for the charger, you can either grab the original PS3 Move Charging Station for two controllers for £21.95 or the quad controller station for Move for £20.95 (currently out of stock). This means that adding four gamers can cost £99.07.

Interestingly, John Lewis sells a special pack that comprises the Move Starter Pack, an additional motion controller, a charging unit, a copy of Sports Champions on PS3 with free delivery for £120, a saving of £9.80.

The PS3 Move is Sony's answer to the Nintendo Wii Motion controller and has received some great reviews from the gaming press.

Microsoft went for the controller-less solution, the Xbox Kinect, which sells for significantly more but should be able to handle four players simultaneously.