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Intel Charges $50 To Unlock CPU Features

Intel is allowing customers to unlock hidden capabilities in their Pentium G6951 processor-for a fee of $50.

According to tech news site Engadget (opens in new tab), a reader noticed a 'Processor Performance Upgrade Card' valued at $50 on Best Buy.

According to the pack, the card will increase the performance of your Gateway SX2841-093 systems.

The performance upgrade will allow Pentium G6951 processors running on Gateway SX2841-093 system to enjoy an increase of 2 to 4-way multi-tasking capabilities, a larger memory cache which enhances the performance of data-heavy applications and easy movement between multiple applications.

The move is likely to anger users, who are being forced to pay more to access the full capabilities of their CPU.

Even so, the idea of charging people additional fee for unlocking hidden features has been adopted by other hardware makers and game publishers many times in the past.

The update, which would have to be installed within 24 months of purchase, will have to be installed after downloading the an upgrade application from Intel's website. Users will have to enter a pin-code before the update is installed. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.