Interest In Internet Explorer 9 Rises Significantly

People have apparently submerged Microsoft's dedicated Internet Explorer 9 Beta website called beauty of the web and countless extras have gone online to look for the web browser.

Internet Analytics firm Alexa reports that the site flirted with the top 100 websites worldwide on the 16th of September (roughly about 5 million visits on that day) before quickly losing steam.

Google Trends shows that the search volume index for the term "Internet Explorer" surpassed "Google Chrome" for the first time since April and that both Internet Explorer 9 and IE9 rank amongst the fastest growing terms over the past week.

Not surprisingly though, the search queries for Firefox still significantly outweighs that of its competitors and has been fairly stable over the last few months.

Even more surprising is that downloads of IE9 on Microsoft's website have been fairly poor which would indicate that people have downloaded IE9 through other means; another interesting finding is that there are significantly more 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer 9 out there than 32-bit ones.

The first true snapshot of how IE9 perform will emerge in a few days when Netmarketshare publishes its monthly browser report.