Lily Allen sues Apple

Lily Allen is launching a legal assault against Apple in an attempt to ascertain the identity of ne'er-do-wells who attacked her laptop.

The news comes courtesy of The Sun, which reports in its Bizarre column that the singer received an unwelcome surprise when her MacBook laptop was cracked and personal information disclosed.

Allen's first stop to find help in figuring out precisely what happened was Apple itself, who told her that the only way they could investigate the issue and disclose their findings was if she was to take legal action - which is, amazingly enough, exactly what she's doing.

Legal papers naming Apple as the defendant in the civil case were filed late last week at the High Court, the tabloid claims.

The singer and songwriter has long been an Apple fan, collaborating with Future Cut Productions on her songs - a company which uses Logic Pro studio software on Apple hardware, and which has featured in a case study on the company's website.

It looks like the honeymoon is over, however - and with Apple priding its Mac OS X operating system on its heightened safety and security compared to industry giant Microsoft's Windows, this kind of publicity is something the company should really have worked to avoid.