Motorola Milestone XT720 Update Boosts Processor Speed

Motorola has released a software update for its Milestone XT720 device.

The software update brings the smartphone's processor speed to 720MHz, a significant upgrade from the 550MHz speed it enjoyed earlier.

The Milestone XT720 update, which was only released for users of XT720 in UK and Germany, also brings enhanced CPU speed and DLNA functionality to the device.

The company said in a post made on the official Motorola Europe Facebook page: “Hello. XT720 of either UK or German origin can now download new software that increases the processor speed (to 720mhz) and also introduces DLNA functionality.”

Motorola has also provided a top 5 tricks and tips video, detailing how to make most of the camera on the device.

Even though the software update is not an OS update, it still enhances the functionality of the device significantly.

Motorola XT720 users have not yet received an upgrade to Android 2.2 froyo.

The update is available over the air across wireless networks in Germany and the UK.