News@5: HTC Desire Z, Apple iPod Touch Patent & Google Adds To Apps Security

Apple has filed a patent application for an 'accessory transceiver', which could allow the new iPod Touch to make phone calls and access data networks. The latest iPod Touch can already make use of the latest video conferencing technology from Apple, FaceTime, enabling the owners to make calls over the internet.

Google has rolled out a two-layer account authentication process for Google Apps enterprise users. The account authentication process will allow users to protect their accounts using a password and a unique PIN code sent to them by way of an SMS to their mobile device.

Amazon has made a bid to acquire European DVD rental service LoveFilm for £200 million. Amazon, which is already the second largest online music retailer and the largest online bookseller will be looking to expand its European division by purchasing the popular DVD rental service.

Halo: Reach is top of the UK video games charts for this week, beating Sports Champions, which came in second. The game, for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, has reached the top rank of the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) All Format Chart within a week of its launch,

The HTC Desire Z has already gone on preorder with the first devices expected to be dispatched on the 16th of October for as little as £30 per month from T-Mobile. The mobile phone operator is offering the keyboard-equipped Android handset for £30 per month on a two year contract.