Oracle Unveils MySQL 5.5 Release Candidate

Oracle has unveiled its MySQL 5.5 enterprise platform, promising to come out with a community version soon.

On Sunday, head developer and chief architect at Oracle Edward Screven rolled out the candidate version of its MySQL 5.5, assuring customers that the business as well as community editions of the same will be released in the near future, tech news site The Register reports.

"Some folks thought when we'd acquire Sun [Microsystems], we'd deprecate MySQL, but it's quite the opposite... We are focused on making MySQL better. We are going to enhance the community edition," said Screven while addressing company's Open World Conference.

Screven said that Oracle will thoroughly invest in and develop MySQL, more so than its former parent company Sun Microsystems or MySQL as an independent organisation could ever do.

The MySQL 5.5 has been developed under the General Public License (GPL) to improve usage and availability across several operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.