Pixel Qi to power tablets

Despite the tablet market being already firmly in the hands of Apple's notorious iPad, Pixel Qi thinks there's something more to offer the market: a transreflective/backlit LCD.

Using an iSomething in moderate lighting conditions - especially in direct sunlight - can be quite a pain. Pixel Qi (read: 'chee'), the famous offshoot of the OLPC exec Mary Lou Jepsen, has been developing a seven-inch, tablet-friendly, backlit LCD with transreflective features, adding to its existing 10.1-inch model.

One of the greatest drawbacks of current iTechnology, is the poor display performance out in direct sunlight. You'll be lucky if you can figure out anything on a sunny day, even if you're cupping your hand over it.

Mobile device displays also consume upwards of half of a device's battery when running at full brightness. The Pixel Qi device would, according to the company, draw on a fifth of that, vastly improving your device's mileage.

Today, according to Gizmodo, the company has secured a new round of funding and will now continue development of the smaller, more compact version destined for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy or - as the company suggests - a smaller version of the Apple iPad. Something the company says would result in a 10+ hour of battery life on the latter.

The funding will also allow for Pixel Qi to finance its own joint-venture with Notion Ink and Innoversal to produce a line of seven-inch slates based on the Pixel Qi panels. The smaller version will be most certainly be demoed at CES 2011, next January. Unless, of course, the aim is to capture interest and score some design wins with other manufacturers.