T-Mobile Sued For Blocking Text Messages

T-Mobile has been sued by a mobile marketing firm for blocking text messages related to legal medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to the lawsuit filed by marketing firm EZ Texting, the mobile services providers deliberately blocked the text messages related to a lawful marijuana dispensary.

The lawsuit throws light on the fact that mobile services provider can censor or block text messages they don't approve of.

The news follows T-Mobile's announcement that it would be soon increasing the text message tariff on its network.

Shane Neman, the CEO of EX Texting, said in statement to PC World: “The fact is T-Mobile ... put my business in jeopardy without any warning, without any justification, and without any appeal. It's like the Wild West out there. You don't know what the rules are.”

In a similar lawsuit filed in 2007, Verizon Wireless was accused of blocking text messages sent by a group promoting abortion.

Verizon had later allowed the text messages to be sent, but this did not stop consumer groups from petitioning to the FCC to stop mobile service providers from blocking text messages.