100Gbps Ethernet up and running

Making way for the deluge of multimedia traffic that is becoming the Internet, Colt Telecom and Infinera have completed a field trial of their 100Gbps Ethernet technology, across countries, all the way from London to Frankfurt, the two financial capitals of Europe.

The P802.3ba standard was approved just three months ago and already several carriers across the world have upgraded their infrastructure to support the new standard. This is, however, Colt's first field test over a live network. The network generated a latency of 4.23ms, the distance being a meagre 861Km. These speeds are, of course, achieved through the use of fibre optics and photonics.

Carriers have been bracing for the requirements of the extreme traffic that will be in demand in no time, considering that the Internet, IPTV and voice markets are increasingly hung on the same thin pipe out of each country. The upgrade to 100Gbps will allow a single connection to stream pure Blu-ray data to approximately 2,800 homes, simultaneously (well, close enough, there's a lot of overhead in there).

The first to have a taste of the technology will be handsomely-paid Footsie IT admins (and their Frankfurt DAX counterparts) who will proceed to rave about their 100Gb/s connection and may even organise some LAN games between them.

Starting off with the big business money-makers is a good idea, of course. That is how technology usually trickles down the food chain.

We'll have 100Gbps to the home in no time... any time now... we're sure of it... just give it a second.