Adobe Patches Critical Flash bug

Adobe has released a patch for a critical vulnerability found on its Flash Player platform.

The flaw was being actively exploited by hackers in the wild to install malicious software on a system.

Adobe has released the patch way ahead of its normal schedule because the vulnerability was being exploited by hackers at high rate. Another point of concern is that the majority of Windows-based PCs use Flash Player, thereby making them vulnerable to the attack.

The flaw can be also used to attack Adobe's Acrobat and Reader software users as both programs use Flash to run.

Users can be tricked into downloading a rigged PDF file which could trigger the attack.

Adobe has confirmed that the vulnerability is not being exploited in PDF-based Web attacks, however.

Apple has also released a security patch for a vulnerability found in the Apple File Protocol, which could allow hackers to access the files stored on a Mac without the need of a password.