AMD launches six new CPUs

AMD has added a full listing of six new processors to its range of desktop CPUs, from the very high end of their line-up to a sub-£70 Athlon II X2.

Despite still hanging on to the faithful 45nm process, AMD has basically raised its bet on all segments of their desktop processors. The six new processors include the overclockable Phenom II X2 970 that clocks in at a rather high 3.5GHz out of the box, but as a Black Edition CPU, comes multiplier unlocked. However you'd be advised to get some serious cooling if you want to overclock as the rated TDP is 140W on this one.

There are also two other Phenoms: the Phenom II X6 1075T, a more affordable six-core CPU that will definitely titillate the multitasker in you. This 3GHz hexa-core is the priciest of the lot at around £192; There's is also the Phenom II X2 560 (another Black Edition) that clocks in at 3.3GHz yet manages to keep the TDP at 80W. Of course if you overclock it, as you're intended to do.

In the Athlon department, the company has found it useful to release one-step upgrades of all its higher-clocked parts. So you have an Athlon II X4 645, clocked at 3.1GHz and rated 95W, an Athlon II X3 450 at 3.2GHz and also rated 95W, and finally the bastard son of Phenom II, based on a separate core (Regor), the Athlon II X2 265. This dual-core processor comes in at 3.3GHz and has 2MB of L2 cache (1MB per core), unlike it's tri-core and quad-core brethren. It's also dirt cheap at under £70.

As part of the company's AMD Vision marketing, AMD suggests you hook these up to an 800-series chipset together with a pixel-pushing HD 5000-series graphics card. The minor speed upgrades get the job done, and right now the pricing on AMD's products is just about right. These are just minor sacrifices in the grander scale of things, but nonetheless, a requirement lest you stray away from the path and go Intel.

Bulldozer and Llano (we won't throw Bobcat in this bag), are still a while away and AMD is already stretching the architecture as far as it'll go on 45nm...

Here's a tidy overview of the specs for each processor, together with pricing for the UK and US.