Breakthrough Brings Quantum Computing Within Reach

New research by UK scientists has revealed that Quantum computers could become a reality in the near future.

Research conducted by a team of scientists, headed by experts from the University of Bristol, has led to the development of a chip that has made possible the production of quantum computers in few years, New Scientist has reported.

The two photon experiment, also known as ‘Quantum Walk’, has been conducted by representatives from several universities including Tohuku University, Twente University, Weizmann Institute.

Developed by Noah Linden, Sandu Popescu and Paul Skrzypczyk at the UK Centre for Quantum Photonics, the Silicon-based optical chip utilises the power of light, and not electricity, to work.

“It is widely believed that a quantum computer will not become a reality for at least another 25 years," said Professor Jeremy O’Brien, director of the UK centre.

“However, we can say with real confidence that, using our new technique, a quantum computer could, within five years, be performing calculations that are outside the capabilities of conventional computers,” he added.