BT Offers Free Fibre Broadband Upgrade

BT has announced that it will upgrade existing customers to a fibre optic connection for free.

The company will offer an upgrade to a fibre optic connection from its existing broadband service, free of charge, to customers who have already subscribed to its broadband and telephone services, Broadband Genie reports.

The telecom giant has claimed that it will not charge its existing customers for upgrading to the BT Infinity fibre optic broadband service, which is said to offer speeds up to 40Mbps for downloads, and an upload speed of 10Mbps.

According to BT, the service will be expected to cover at least two thirds of the country by 2015.

"Fibre is the future of broadband and BT is raising the speed and standard for customers nationwide. We are the only company offering you an upgrade to fibre for no extra monthly cost," announced John Petter, managing director for consumer department at BT.

The service will be made available for £7.49 for first three months of subscription and £17.99 from then on.