Demand For Halo : Reach Outstrips Supply

Ebaying a product is probably the best way to find out whether it is selling well or not; some Halo : Reach game copies are actually selling for MORE than the suggested retail price on the world's largest auction site once the cost of shipping is factored in.

Second hand shops like CEX are buying Halo : Reach are selling it for £40 and offer to buy it for £30 while supermarket giant Tesco is no longer stocking it online as demand far outweighed supply, partly because it offered the game for £28 when purchasing 2100 Microsoft Xbox Live points.

Strangely enough, you will be able to buy Halo : Reach from Tesco Entertainment for £37.70 with a next working day delivery promise; a price that will drop to £32.05 when you use the discount code FTSL15-1 (which can only be used once by new customers only) at checkout and make it the cheapest in the UK.

As expected, the game has been going from strength to strength although it has been beaten into third place at Amazon by Formula 1 2010. The racing game from Codemasters Limited is in first and second position at Amazon.