Facebook Considering New Methods To Prevent Fraud

Facebook is trying to develop a new method to prevent fraud and scams from taking place on the platform.

According to British daily newspaper The Guardian, social networking giant Facebook is experimenting with new ways to prevent scams and fraud from happening on the platform by trying to detect when the hacked accounts were actually compromised and issue a warning right before they are illegally accessed from unusual locations.

Lord Richard Allan, Facebook's chief of European Public Policy, said: “Now, if you're logging in from an unusual location you'll get extra security questions and if you want to login by a new device [Facebook] notifies you by SMS or e-mail."

Lord Allan has said that the fraud and scam incidents will have to be dealt with by the website's regulators in a very sophisticated way, as account hacking has become one of the major issues affecting the platform.

Facebook are said to be considering implementing a form of "name verification", where users logging in from a new location will be asked to verify the names of their friends from photos uploaded on the site.