Flash Outperforms HTML5 On Mobiles

A web developer has shown that Flash 10.1 is better than the highly acclaimed HTML5 technology on mobile phones.

Developer Chris Black has used an iPod Touch device from Apple, and an Android Nexus One, to test which find out whether HTML5 or Flash runs better on mobile devices.

Black has also uploaded a video demonstrating the comparison, tech news site Geeky Gadgets reveals.

In the video, Black is running an animation on the iPod Touch, which is integrated with HTML 5’s Canvas and Java Script technology. Another version of the same animation has also been run on Google’s Nexus One, which integrates both the technologies.

"Canvas performance on the new iPod Touch and iPhone 4G is laughable at 22FPS rendering simple animation. At least the Nexus One can muster up a decent 40FPS for basic canvas rendering," wrote Black on his web page.

"Flash Player 10.1 on the other hand, blows HTML5 out of the water running at 57FPS on the Nexus One! Let’s not forget to mention that HTML5 consumed TWICE the battery life as Flash for these tests on the Android," he added.