Google Publishes Map Of Countries Asking For Content Removal

Google has revealed a transparency report map that provides with a list of countries that have asked for the world's biggest search engine to remove data from its servers.

David Drummond, Google's general consel, said in a post on the company's blog that “When Google’s services are blocked or filtered, we can’t serve our users effectively. That’s why we act every day to maximise free expression and access to information."

He added that the company works hard to make sure that its services are not interrupted by mechanical outages or, government induced ones.

The report ranks the US and Brazil as having the highest number of requests with 4287 and 2435 data requests respectively.

Google provides with the exact number of removals as well as the number of removals that had already been performed plus which Google services were concerned.

Other quite interesting data pools are also available including one which shows where and for how long traffic has been up and running without interruptions.

The tool uses graphs similar to those in Google Trends and according to Google, the data is normalised and scaled in units of 0 to 100.