HTC Desire Smartphone Price Tumbles

One reader pointed us to the Dialaphone website where a HTC Desire can be had for a mere £20 per month on an 18-month contract on O2 which means a TCO of only £360 over that period.

Given that sells the phone for £400, the Dialaphone deal is a cracking one as you essentially get an 18-month, no interest loan from DAP to buy a phone that costs less than if you were to buy it elsewhere.

What's more you get 100 minutes and unlimited texts but unfortunately no data deals. This means that the smartphone will be ideal for those looking to upgrade from an existing O2 contract (SIMplicity for example) without paying for a new phone outright.

A clearance of HTC Desire phone is expected to happen over the next few weeks as the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z are launched in the UK.

As one user pointed out though, there's not much difference between the HTC Desire plain vanilla and the HD. The latter comes with a bigger screen, more memory, a higher MP camera and with a different CPU.