News@5: Sony To Charge For PS3 Play TV Update, Telegraph App For iPad & Apple

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has sent one of his notoriously blunt e-mails to a journalism student who complained to him about his company's unhelpful PR department. Chelsea Isaacs, a journalism student at Long Island University, had tried to contact the PR department to get information for an article about the use of the iPad in an academic environment, but was repeatedly ignored.

The Telegraph has released its official Telegraph for iPad application. The application is designed to bring the latest news published on The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph, covering a range of topics, including UK News, World News, Sport, Business, Comment and Features, to the iPad on a daily basis.

Sony is set to charge PlayStation 3 owners a firmware update containing PlayTV. Sony will charge its users for a PlayTV firmware update on its PlayStation 3, enabling users to access a whole new set of features, such as instant messaging and a new premium programme guide from tvtv.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has revealed plans to offer mobile signal in the London Underground before the start of the Olympics. Transport for London (TfL) has joined with Boris Johnson to try and persuade mobile network carriers to foot the bill for the project.

Google has announced that it will be bringing editing functions to its Google Docs service for mobile devices. The internet search giant has announced that the ability to edit files in its cloud-based Docs service will soon be offered on mobile phones.