Oracle Outlines Java Ambitions

Oracle has organised a Java centric event at its OpenWorld summit, highlighting the three-year development plan the company has charted out for the platform.

As a part of the Java One 2010 conference, Oracle shed light on the plans for the Java language for the first time since the company acquired Sun Microsystems.

Oracle plans to put in place tools that will increase the productivity of Java developers, enhancing the functionality of Java virtual machine.

The company also plans to integrate Java with HTML5 and JavaScript, in order to offer developers a common platform for accessing browser and Java applications.

Thomas Kurian, the vice president for product development at Oracle, said during his Java One keynote speech: “The future of Java is not about Oracle. It's not about any specific company, it's about you the developer community and how you make the language great and how you build great applications with it.”

Oracle is also pushing for Java on mobile devices by integrating Java with the internet on consumer electronic devices.