Oracle Showcases New Enterprise Hardware At OpenWorld

Oracle has used its OpenWorld event to showcase new enterprise hardware products developed using technology it acquired from the Sun acquisition.

During the OpenWorld event, Oracle's executive vice president for systems John Fowler, who migrated to Oracle from Sun, explained that Oracle's new hardware product line has benefited from having a dedicated team of in-house engineers working together on storage and database technology, tech news site eWeek reports.

The combined effort of the in-house engineers has lead Oracle to offer hardware capable of higher processing speeds and caching more data.

Fowler said that the engineers have been able to make significant improvements to database logic, specifically SQL queries, and put them inside storage servers.

Oracle engineers have also been able to move business intelligence and data warehousing technologies to storage servers.

Fowler said: “Again, instead of moving all of the data for a logical semantic compare to the database engine, we actually have moved logic into the database server so that it actually happens down there.”