Oracle Unveils New Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle has unveiled its next generation Sun ZFS storage appliance product line, capable of boosting performance by 50 per cent and doubling the storage space.

The new Sun ZFS line will offer high quality management software and integration with Oracle enterprise software including Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Oracle Solaris, as well as come with three new data protection solutions for Oracle Applications.

The first data security solution is Oracle RMAN backup, which is designed to optimise data backup with Sun ZFS Storage Appliances.

The second is the Oracle Database Cloning feature, which enhances the performance of the database by integrating the Sun ZFS appliance with Oracle Data Guard.

The third, Oracle Fusion Middlewarer, is designed for disaster recovery.

In a statement, John Fowler, the executive vice president for systems, said: “Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliances have gained strong industry recognition with an innovative architecture that enables customers to cut their enterprise storage costs in half and speed application deployment.”