Orange launches £99 Android handset

Mobile phone network Orange has brought out a sub £100 Google OS run mobile phone, entitled San Francisco.

Orange's new handset arrives running Android 2.1, on a 3.5-inch full touch screen device, with a 3 megapixel camera, WIFI, 2GB microSD card and the mobile phone network's apps.

These applications are the Orange Wednesday software for customer offers, their own Sat Nav Orange Map software in addition to the usual built in MP3 player and also an FM Radio app.

The San Francisco is the rebranded ZTE Blade handset, which was unveiled back in August this year where Orange is the first network to announce its uptake.

No plans have been unveiled whether the Orange San Francisco will be upgradeable to Android ‘Froyo' 2.2, although we suspect this won't be the case as this is a budget handset after all.

Orange has hinted this will be the first in a series of affordable Android Orange phones, where One Mobile Ring's suspects many of them will be from suppliers such as ZTE and Alcatel.

The mobile phone is available now on the Orange pay as you go Dolphin tariff, and customers who top up by £10 a month will receive internet access and also 300 free texts messages.

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