Orange outs cheap and cheerful Android phone

Orange has announced what it says is the first in a series of 'affordable' Android-powered handsets.

The Orange-branded phone, which we suspect may be made by HTC, is on sale now for £99 on pay-as-you-go which is just about the cheapest way possible to get your mits on the thousands of apps available on the Android store.

And as it comes pre-loaded with Orange maps, it's also one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a device with turn-by-turn GPS.

Featuring the Android 2.1 operating system, a built in MP3 player and FM radio and up to 32GB of RAM with an optional 32GB SD Micro card, this one could actually give the iPhone a run for its (not insubstantial) money.

Battery life is a miserable three hours of talk-time (cut that in half if you want to muck about with games or video) and the three megapixel camera isn't going to make your DSLR redundant. But what do you expect for less than a hundred quid.

We reckon this one will fly off the shelves.