Sony To Charge For PS3 PlayTV update

Sony is set to charge PlayStation 3 owners a firmware update containing PlayTV.

According to tech news site the Register, Sony will charge its users for a PlayTV firmware update on its PlayStation 3, enabling users to access a whole new set of features, such as instant messaging and a new premium programme guide from tvtv.

In a blog post James Thorpe, product manager for the PlayStation Network at Sony, wrote: “If you have a PSP, VAIO laptop or Sony Ericsson AINO phone, you can take all these great features with you, wherever you go. You will be able to get the software update on PS Store at a reasonable price.”

In a statement to defend its decision to charge customers for a firmware update, Sony emphasised upon the quality of the update and improvements it will bring to PS3, which it claims will make PlayTV a very unique product.

Sony is not the first company to charge its customers for updates. Previously, Apple had charged iPod Touch users for a system software update that was also being given for free on its iPhone.