20 Per Cent Of Uni Students Admit "Hacking"

According to a report, one in five university students has hacked into social profiles, email accounts or online shopping accounts.

The survey, which was conducted by IT security services provider Tufin Technologies, found that around 37 percent of university students had hacked into a Facebook profile, 10 percent had targeted online shopping accounts, while 26 percent had hacked into email accounts.

The results of the document paint a startling picture of how lightly university students take online privacy and illegally hacking into computer systems or people's accounts

Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde, the e-crime specialist with the Association of Chief Police Officers, said in a statement to The Press Association, that “We live in a world where social networking, email and the internet is embedded into our every day lives from a far younger age, so early education is essential to ensure young people know the devastating consequences this activity can have.”

Around 46 percent of the 1,000 university students interviewed for the survey said that their own Facebook and email accounts had been hacked at one time or another.

41 percent said that their passwords, the one which give them access to university networks, had been compromised by a third party.