Aardman makes world's tiniest movie on mobile

Aardman Animations has broken the record for the smallest character ever to appear in a stop-motion animation with its new film, Dot.

It's a sad fact that few people are ever driven to creativity these days unless they've got something to flog, and Dot is no exception.

The film, which features the adventures of a tiny doll just nine millimetres high, has been created to showcase the 12-megapixel photography capabilities of Nokia's N8 smartphone.

Lest we get too cynical, we're reminded that Dot also celebrates the invention by Professor Daniel Fletcher of the 'CellScope', a microscope device that can be fitted to Nokia handsets which has been used to diagnose fatal diseases in the developing world.

Nick Park's studio, which cut its teeth with award winners such as Creature Comforts and A Grand Day Out, was asked by Nokia's advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to create a microscopic animation.

Aardman worked with the University of Bristol to develop a version of the CellScope to that directors Will Studd and Ed Patterson could use to shoot the movie.

During the course of the one-and-a-half minute commercial, little angel Dot dances on the head of a pin, rides on the back of a bumblebee and teeters on top of a two-pence coin.

W+K 'creatives' Mark McCall and Richard Dorey said, "Achieving our goal of setting a world record with a Nokia N8 is the perfect celebration of the campaign's core message - it's not the technology, it's what you do with it."

The N8 can also be used to make calls.

You can watch Aardman's Dot below: