Apple HAD Talks With Facebook Before Launching Ping

Apple and Facebook were in talks for more than 18 months, after which Apple eventually launched Ping, its social networking feature embedded in iTunes, without Facebook integration, sources reveal.

According to The Financial Post, Apple's iTunes team was trying to cut a deal with the social networking giant 18 months prior to launching the iTunes social network.

However, the talks did not come through and Apple had no choice but to launch Ping without Facebook integration, which could have could given the platform an immense boost.

Apple even tried to install the Facebook Connect tool, but Facebook blocked Apple from doing that as well, with hints of the ruckus between the two tech giants available even on Apple's website.

According to AllThingD's Kara Swisher, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had explained that there was no Facebook integration on Ping because the company proposed “onerous terms that we could not agree to.”

As Facebook continues to rapidly grow in size, it is becoming increasingly difficult for large companies to deal with the company. Earlier, it had stopped Twitter from integrating Facebook into its platform and almost fell through with Facebook game developer Zynga.