Facebook Tweaks Gaming Features

Social networking giant Facebook is planning to simplify the user experience of non-gamers on the platform, by revamping the manner in which game notifications and stories are shared on the platform.

Facebook has introduced new features that make games on social networking platform less intrusive for users who don't play games at all, by making game notifications and stories visible to only those people who play games on the platform.

“This means people who play games can post stories to their Wall without worrying about overwhelming their friends who aren't playing, and people who don't play games won't see irrelevant stories in their feed for which they have no context,” Jared Morgenstern of Facebook wrote in a blog post.

The company has also introduced new features for users who play games on Facebook, allowing them to view full game stories on their news feed, so they don't miss out on any action.

Facebook has also introduced automated bookmarks, that rearrange the 'favorite apps' list depending on the games users are playing most often.