Froyo Update For Samsung Galaxy S To Come In October

Users of the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S smartphone may have to wait until October 2010 to get the Froyo update if the company's Facebook page in Spain and a tweet from Samsung India to be believed.

The update will come towards late October but it is unknown whether it will be limited to Spain or be available worldwide. This contradicts earlier rumours which said that Froyo would be available in the UK over the next few days.

T-Mobile UK has confirmed already that it will be rolling out Froyo for its Galaxy S handset at the end of the month with other handsets such as the HTC Desire expected to get the upgrade towards this time.

Ironically, Froyo is likely to be superseded soon by Android OS 3.0 AKA Gingerbread, which is expected to be available towards the end of the year and which will power the next generation of top-end smartphones.

The Galaxy S is possibly the fastest Android handset currently on the market. It uses a Samsung Hummingbird processor which is based on a Cortex-A8 and clocked at 1GHz.

However, Samsung chose a different graphics architecture compared to others, resulting in a significantly improved performance.