Google Adds Ocean Layer To Earth iOS App

Google has updated its Google Earth service to version 3.1 for Apple’s iOS, in order to support Ocean layer in Apple’s new range of devices.

Search engine giant Google has updated Google Earth with features including Ocean layer, Bathymetry and Ocean Surface for the new iOS version, which comes with iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch.

“Today, with the latest release of Google Earth 3.1 for iOS, we’re proud to announce that you can now explore underwater landscapes and terrain on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.” product manager for Google Earth Peter Birch wrote on the official Google Mobile blog.

The application, Google Earth 3.1, which is available for free, can be run on iOS 3.0 and newer, enabling any one to explore underwater landscapes on their Apple devices.

The pictures and videos have been contributed by more than 100 people to the Sylvia Earle Alliance and Google confirmed that the new version will feature support for the Retina display.