Nvidia promises new Tegras

Nvidia has announced that the next generation of its mobile-oriented chipset, Tegra 3, is imminent - and that work has already begun on Tegra 4.

Speaking to attendees at the GTC 2010 conference, Nvidia's chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang confirmed that work on the third-generation Tegra chip, designed to provide high-performance graphics processing in a low-power package for portable devices, is pretty much complete.

Huang also explained that work has already begun on Tegra 4 - and that the company is looking to release a new Tegra system-on-chip design every year for the foreseeable future.

It's news that may surprise many - Nvidia's Tegra project has been subject to delays, and despite promising performance-per-watt specifications hasn't exactly set the mobile world aflame.

Despite these setbacks, Nvidia is clearly not giving up on the lucrative mobile sector just yet - and with the run-away success of Apple's iPad and the growing market for similar slate-format computing devices, Nvidia will be looking to grab a substantial chunk of the market in coming years.

Let's just hope that the firm can actually sign some OEMs up this time around...