IBM CEO Urges Firms To Evangelise Smart Energy Benefits

IBM CEO Sam Palmisano has claimed that companies would have to explain the benefits of smart energy systems for the new technology to take-off.

Speaking at the GridWise Global Forum in Washington D.C, Palmisano said that consumers needed to be made aware of the benefits of advanced energy systems for the market to realise the full potential of smart grids and other energy saving technologies.

He also added that a major factor preventing mass adoption of smart energy systems was that consumers were concerned about the privacy and security issues poised by the technology.

He said that these concerns needed to be addressed by industry and related policies. Palmisano said that it was necessary to adopt smarter energy systems as they would help the economy, the changing climate and associated geopolitical issues.

“Smarter energy is not some futuristic ideal. For one thing, there are real examples being deployed around the world. Smarter energy is practical because it's not ideological,” he said.