Indian Government In Discussions With RIM

The Indian government is in talks with Canadian smartphone maker Research in Motion to gain access to corporate emails sent on its network in readable format.

Citing an unidentified source within the government, Reuters said that Indian security agencies already had access to the messages sent via BlackBerry instant messaging service and are now looking to gain access to corporate emails as well.

Meanwhile, RIM has not yet confirmed whether it has made a deal with the Indian government or not.

According to the Reuters source, the company had started giving access to BlackBerry instant messaging services to Indian security agencies from September 1. Now, the two parties are working on making the BlackBerry emails available in a readable format.

India, along with prominent Middle Eastern countries, has expressed national security concerns over the encrypted and virtually inaccessible emails and instant messages sent over the BlackBerry network.

Many will be watching closely how RIM negotiates its way out and it is not ruled out that other countries also request that RIM gives them access to its network.