Kinect boss calls time on PC gaming

The head of Microsoft's Kinect controller-free gaming platform, Kudo Tsunoda, has risked the ire of the PC gaming community by claiming "hardly anyone" plays PC games.

During a Kinect-related interview with gaming site GameInformer, Tsunoda made the brazen statement that "[Microsoft and Bungie's] Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first-person shooters on the PC."

Claiming that modern gaming is, "all about the console," Tsunoda appears to have ignored the fact that the original Halo did - eventually - get a PC release, as Halo: Combat Evolved, although it's true that it wasn't exactly a commercial success for the company compared to the console edition.

While Tsunoda's comments were in the context of discussing skepticism regarding Kinect's true capabilities - with Tsunoda stating that "if you take the time to build [your game] for Kinect from the ground up, you can make something that is a very new experience" - he is likely to have won the scorn of PC gamers the world over.

It's true that sales of PC games are experiencing an undeniable, although small, slump - but the market is far from dead, and the success of digital distribution platforms like Valve's Steam have proven that.

Hardcore gamers - the sort who spend £400 on a new graphics card just to get a few more frames per second out of Crysis - will always argue the accuracy and speed available from a keyboard and mouse combo, which is simply not possible to match with a joypad - or even Kinect.

Although console gamers are unlikely to care one way or the other about the comments, if Tsunoda was hoping to tempt PC gamers into picking up an Xbox 360 with Kinect to see what all the fuss was about he's certainly picked an interesting way to do it.