McAfee Debuts URL Shorterning Service

Anti-virus software maker McAfee has dished out its very own URL shortening service, which will prevent users from visiting a malware ridden website as it is the case for some of its competitors.

URL shortening services are used in social networking platforms, specially Twitter, to reduce the size of a URL so that it takes less space.

However, when a URL is shortened, there is no way of finding out which website a URL will take users to. This flaw is used by spammers and hackers to trick Twitter and Facebook users to malicious websites that can prove harmful for their computer systems.

According to McAfee, the new secure URL shortening service will compact the URL right away, without scanning the web destination the URL will lead to. Instead, when users click on the shortened link, the company will scan the website for any malicious content.

McAfee vice president and chief technology officer, Simon Hunt, wrote on his blog that “Leveraging McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, lets you create short url’s which are checked against our databases of known spammy, dangerous, malware hosting, bot control etc sites prior to being show.”