Michael Jackson Game To Go Live Soon

There are plans to release multi player video games based on the self-proclaimed 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson, more than a year after his death.

Developer team, See Virtual Worlds, has revealed details about a new video game, titled ‘Planet Michael’, which is said to be based on his life and works, providing the youth with the opportunities to learn more about real world economy and charity, reports the Telegraph.

“No artist unified the world like Michael Jackson, so it is fitting that in Planet Michael his fans will be able to join together in such a unique way online to celebrate his music and his artistry,” said John Branca, an executor for the Estate of Michael Jackson.

According to McClain, another executor of the Estate, the multi player video game will be based around his life, music and social issues that affected him.

Interestingly, members of the Estate have also revealed that the game, which may hit the web any time in 2011, will be available for a free download.

Another game based on Jackson’s life, 'Michael Jackson: The Experience' by Ubisoft, is expected to be released during Christmas holidays this year.