Microsoft Closes Beta Entries For Windows Intune Online Service

Microsoft has stopped adding new users to the second beta version of its Windows Intune cloud based desktop management tool, after releasing it for 10,000 users for testing in July.

The company said that even if it will not take new users, existing testers can continue using the tool and providing feedback until Microsoft rolls out the next version.

Microsoft's Alex Heaton wrote on the Windows Team Blog that “So far, beta testers have told us they really see the benefits of a cloud solution that they can get up and running quickly from anywhere they have an Internet connection.”

He also said that customers were most satisfied with the fact the platform offered a series of tools, like an anti-malware protection, all from a single, easily accessible user interface.

“We’ve also gotten lots of other great feedback on functionality that they would like to see in the future,” he added. Windows Intune allows customers to manage and secure their employees' or their clients' desktop environment by a simple web based interface.