Nokia Boss Compares Android OS To "Peeing In Pants"

The head of Nokia's smartphone division has taken a parting shot at Google's Android OS, a few weeks before he is supposed to leave the company.

Anssi Vanjoki, the current head of Nokia's dwindling smartphone business line, compared mobile phone manufacturers using the Android OS to 'Finnish boys who pee their pants for warmth in the winter'.

Vanjoki added that phone makers using Android instead of developing their own software, were only hurting themselves, as in the long run, consumers would start buying smartphone because of the OS and not the hardware.

Cell phone makers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung have benefited from using Google's mobile operating system, launching an onslaught of Android powered smartphone devices in the market one after the other.

HTC's Desire, Hero and Legend are some of the most popular Android smartphones in the market and so is Motorola's Droid line. Samsung is riding high on the success of its Android based Galaxy S smartphone and is on the verge of launching an Android tablet device as well.