Nokia chief compares Android to peeing your pants

Nokia's often outspoken executive vice president has made some disparaging comments about Google's Android platform, likening it to peeing in your pants.

The comment came during an interview with The Financial Times, in which Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia's smartphone division, addressed the question of whether his company had thought about giving up on its Symbian platform and moving to Google's open-source Android offering.

Scoffing at the idea, Vanjoki compared the concept of moving to Android to young Finnish boys who "pee in their pants" to protect themselves from the cold in winter - a period of blissful relief followed by even bigger problems down the road.

With Nokia's N8 smartphone - the first to use the company's Symbian^3 software - due to launch in the UK in October following rumoured delays, Vanjoki's comment is understandable, if a little colourful.

However, fans of the company's often innovative hardware often bemoan the quality of its software - and if Symbian^3 doesn't improve its track record, Nokia could continue to fall behind Android and iOS-based competitors in the smartphone market.

If Nokia did give up on Symbian as a platform, there is another possibility before it admits defeat and becomes just another Android shill - MeeGo. Formed of an amalgamation of Nokia's Maemo Linux and Intel's Moblin Linux, MeeGo has already hit the market in Nokia's N900 smartphone - to high praise from tech types, although general apathy from the mass market.

It's clear that Nokia needs to do something - but Vanjoki clearly believes that a deal with Google is not what the company needs.