Nokia Well Ahead Of Apple On Mobile Ads Says Survey

Nokia phones account for nearly 50 per cent of the global mobile advertising market according to InMobi, the world's largest mobile advertising network.

The firm published a report called "Global View of Mobile Advertising" and looked at data collected in July 2010; iOS-powered devices accounted for only eight per cent of the mobile adverts served by InMobi.

Notably absent is RIM's Blackberry while Google's Android platform carried a mere three per cent of InMobi's ads impressions.

In absolute figures, Nokia users received 10 billion ads from InMobi compared to 1.6 billion for the Apple iPhone and 711 million for the Android platform.

Latest data from Gartner show that around 40 per cent of smartphones are from Nokia, 14 per cent run on Apple iOS and 17 per cent for Android.

The rest is divided between RIM, other devices and platforms. It would be interesting to know why both Google and Apple are being under represented.

Rob Jonas, vice president and managing director at InMobi Europe, also confirmed that Europe is the most mobile-ad friendly market, adding that "Additionally Europe has an emerging developer culture and an evolved consumer use of mobile phones relative to other regions"