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Quad-display Fermi tips up

Just in case you think AMD has exclusive rights to the multi-display market right now, Zotac has released the Zotac Geforce GTX 460 3DP, a quad-display enabled Fermi-based graphics card.

As of yesterday, Zotac claims to have the glory and honour of releasing the "world's first first Nvidia Fermi-powered graphics card capable of up to four native display outputs". True, Nvidia has only discussed triple-display setups so far with its "Surround Technology" which, it claims, can power 3x2560x1600 on Fermi-based cards.

Zotac's announcement doesn't mean it pulled an engineering ace out of its sleeve and added specific ASICs to the design to run the signals, like AMD did with the 5000-series Eyefinity technology, but the outfit claims the card will power 4x1600x1200 independent screens (although the company is vague as to the possible configurations, it looks like this is a horizontal 4x1 setup). Of course no-one actually pointed out that 1600x1200 DisplayPort monitors are like four-leaf clovers, and really not marketed as gaming monitors.

Under the hood, the card carries a lightly overclocked core (710MHz core/1420MHz shader) and you can do two-way SLI if you so wish. The card is bundled with PoP: The Forgotten Sands, as a testament to its capabilities.

It doesn't look quite like this card will offer the same flexibility that AMD has with Eyefinity, but that firm did come out with the HD 5770 Eyefinity Edition which is a substantially less powerful card than the GTX 460.

Whether or not the card will have the horsepower to perform its duties is open for debate. Until someone comes up with a review we'll have to wait and see. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.