Students lurve hacking

Students reckon hacking is 'cool' and 23 per cent of the blighters love nothing better than to fiddle around with other people's boxes, according to new research.

The research, published by Tufin Technologies, reveals that 23 per cent of college and university students have hacked into IT systems

Of those asked, 32 said that hacking is ‘cool’ and 28 per cent said it was easy peasy.

The survey which was carried out amongst 1000 college and university students from across five London Universities and three Northern Universities showed that just over one in three students said that they hacked for fun.

Some 22 per cent cited curiosity as their main reason for hacking, while 15 per cent said that they hacked to make money.

The survey found that 37 per cent had hacked Facebook accounts, 26 per cent email accounts with 10 per cent managing to worm their way into online shopping accounts.

The study also discovered that nearly half of the students (46 per cent) had fallen foul of hackers having had either their social networking or email accounts breached. A further 41 per cent said that they had had their passwords to university networks abused by a third party.

"Looking at these findings, from an IT security perspective, it would be good to see these talented individuals pursue a career in the security sector to ensure all organisations benefit from their obvious ability to strengthen security systems and stop the data breaches that litter the news sites today, and preventing hackers in the future - whether they’re seven or 70," said Shaul Efraim of Tufin Technologies.