Twitter To Roll Out "Interest Graph" Feature

Twitter will now help advertisers target a group of people on its website more effectively by developing a list of their interests, which will be based on the people they are following.

According to the Telegraph, micro blogging platform Twitter will be building a graph about users' interest to enable companies and advertisers aim at a target audience via its advertisement platform, "Promoted Tweets".

The "interest graph" will be developed on the basis of who the users are following and what type of information the users are looking for on the social networking website.

“Moving forward, [with promoted products] we are looking at introducing a targeting mechanism [which is based on an interest graph] … We can build out a person’s interests based on who they are following”. stated product manager at Twitter, Shiva Rajaraman while addressing the London ad conference on Tuesday.

Rajaraman claims that the "promoted tweets" service has partner companies that have come back to use the service at least 20 times, ever since it started.