Two HTC Windows Phone 7 Handsets Surface

Now that all the major UK mobile phone operators have confirmed that they will be stocking Windows Phone 7 devices, the quest to find the perfect model has started.

HTC is set to be amongst the ones who will benefit the most from Microsoft's new mobile operating system and already two models, the HD7 and the HTC 7 Trophy, have appeared online. has managed to get a schematic that is close enough to the actual thing. It appears to have a huge 4.3-inch screen, two LED flashes, a volume rocker but no front camera.

The HTC Trophy, which Pocketnow has managed to snap, has a smaller screen with a tiny frame, 8GB and the new HTC Sense UI it seems. Interestingly, the OS and related apps take a total of 440MB from what can be seen from the images.

Another interesting nugget of news comes from Pocket-lint which reports that Mohammad Kais Zribi, regional director, HTC, Middle East North Africa, confirmed that there will be around five more models by the end of 2010; this means that there could be around up to three Windows Phone 7 launched by Christmas